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Thursday ~ February 21, 2019: Trust is NOT an Easy Thang!

Trust is an easy word to use and any easy thing to expect from others, but it is not and never will be an easy thang! Trust is not just something cool that happens. Trust is not easy. Trust as … Continue reading

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Pieces of Me ~ Part I

Sometimes you can be caught unaware by life in general. Loss of a job, circumstances that force you to move to another city, illness, changes in income, broken relationships, broken hearts, broken homes. You have been cruising along, your best … Continue reading

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Dance! Dance! Dance!

If I could have one moment to see your face again, I’d memorize your tilted smile, the angle of your chin. If I could have one moment to feel your touch again, I’d always remember the aging texture of your … Continue reading

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Train Up A Child ~ Part 6

#6 ~ If You Can’t Say Something Nice…. My beloved Grammy used to always say, “If you can’t say something nice, keep your lips zipped”.  It has been a truism that I have said many times to myself, to my … Continue reading

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The Game~Changer

I have been thinking a lot about this term.  God is the ultimate Game~Changer. HE conducts a symphonic narrative of our life~story. There are times when I firmly believe HE has just rapped a music stand with HIS baton to … Continue reading

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“WAITING” is the longest red light in the world that interrupts our dash to the greatest place in the world. Waiting is the pause that brings everything to a screeching halt. It stands at the crossroads of “I cannot do … Continue reading

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While We Are….

While we are carrying tales, they may be in too much pain to speak. While we are breaking trust left and right, they may be learning to trust HIM only. While we are making mountains out of molehills, they may … Continue reading

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