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Without A Single Doubt

Here’s the thang ~ If you are not healed miraculously, it does not mean you have no faith or that you will not be healed. Continue reading

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Thursday ~ February 21, 2019: Trust is NOT an Easy Thang!

Trust is an easy word to use and any easy thing to expect from others, but it is not and never will be an easy thang! Trust is not just something cool that happens. Trust is not easy. Trust as … Continue reading

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Pieces of Me ~ Part I

Sometimes you can be caught unaware by life in general. Loss of a job, circumstances that force you to move to another city, illness, changes in income, broken relationships, broken hearts, broken homes. You have been cruising along, your best … Continue reading

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A while back, while homeschooling Sir Tristan, I felt impressed to assign a Term Paper for him to write entitled “I Am Grateful”, using zero online resources. His research tools would consist of KJV Bible, Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the … Continue reading

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MIRACLES ~ How? Why? When? Where?

DETAILS!!  We want to know all the details of how God performed a miracle. Were you on stage? Was there a huge crowd to witness the miracle?  Did you fall out in the Spirit? Did you happen to have your … Continue reading

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