Free to be ME?

It’s a wee bit passed five in the am and the words are coming fast and furious, so while hubs is getting ready for work, I’m gonna blog this outta the park. Oh, dear, i said fast and furious? Someone not so friendly is prolly lookin up the number of some fed red tape maker, to let them know a certain someone she has heard of may have just done a litle trademark infringement….. “Um, I don’t mean to git anyone in trouble, but someone I’ve heard of, has just used “Fast and Furious” as a term in her blog and Im just surtain Vin owns that. Can she be arrested? Well, I certainly wouldn’t want that, ya know? Do you need her address or anythin?”

Anyway, back to the words comeing fast and not so furious! (Just so not to offend). Haha. Freedom isn’t something that should ever be taken for granted under an circumstance. It is beutiful, life changing, God given, and priceless. I took it for granted. Yes, i did. Until I no longer had all the freedom I had before Early-onset Alzheimer’s came to live with me. I know all the changes have been because i am loved and the docs and my family set things up as they do to keep me procted from my self and others who coud take advantige of me. I appreciate the perims on that side of it but somedays hate the limits and all days hate the disease.

I was thanking God this morning for the things I can still do and one of the things that came up to my mind was making out the grocery list and then i laughed out loud, right in the mist of talkin with Jesus! Have I no shame??? I have 4 pack containers of tuna stacked in the People’s pantry. Called that because it’s always open to my children to come by and stock up whenever they are running a little short before payday or if tey jus wanna whip up ameal while theyre here, or see something they want to take with them that they hadn’t thought of in a while. We have the Family Freezer in the garage, for the plundering, too. When they were young we had only biscuits with mustard for days on end, so yeh, i’m still gonna feed them every chance i get. I am not an advocate of shoving them out of my house when they turn 18 and teling them to sink or swim. I still ask them to move home and bring their families with them. Tim has always told them we’ll buy a compound and house them all if they wanna come home. My doors are always open to all my babes day or not. It’s how I roll and rock.

Hang on. Gotta get a cuppa. Coffe in, Miss Shiloh out and now eating, shared kisses with my beloved and Im back, betcha missed me firercely, yes? Hang on again. I have to go back and read cause i have no idea what i wanted to share with you. Tuna! We eat very little canned tuna which is why i think its funny. maybe tuna salad a couple of times a year, some cold tuna mac in the summer, maybe tuna noodle once a year? But 12 cans in the pantry with another four pack waiting to be picked up at the store. What’s with the tuna?? And the miracle whip and the relish? Maybe I could slip a few cans of tuna in my son’s packpack or my daughter’s purse, she likes those oversized bags lik i do. But if I start throwing in jusgs of miracle whips and relis theyre def gonna notice the weight change in thwir carriage.

So while I am thankful for the ability to do some things, maybe a few more freedoms should be policed. My husband is too sweet and loving to ever tell me to cut back on the tuna, but i am feeling brilliant today and I guess that’s why I relaized i have too much tuna. Goona donate to the food pantry. Maybe do a through clean out and see what else i mistankenly stock piled. Oh, I prolly should not put tuner in with my kids stuff. They carry thier, laptops, kindles, ipads, and sundry other techtonics and tuna has mercury. That might overload the toxicity we hear so much about. I wonder…..

Mercury, the material not the planet is harmful in larger doese. Ya know if you did not live back in the day, and ifn you don’t know when that was I’m not given you a time frame, you missed a lot of fun. Playing outside until the street lights came on was such a privelige. Kicking a can down the street, non soda cause those were bottles, without anyone yelling for you to recycle that or stop making such a ruckus, drinking from the water hose without fear of certain death, drawing pictures in the dirt with tree limbs, meeting up with neighborhood kids to play at the school playground which was the best playground around, sharing one sucker with you best friend without worry of germs, turning a white bar of soap brown when you washed your hands before eating, peeling off layers of wet cold clothes and stakcing them on the rug by the door in the winter when you came in to go to the bathroom, then putting them back on to go out for a few more minutes before bed and bath time, when thermometers were glass and had these fun little balls of mercury in them if you accedently whacked them on something while shaking them down in order to take your temp to see if maybe you could miss a day of school.

Chasing those little balls around while “cleaning” them up was great times of entertainment! Nowadays, it takes a space suit and hazmat rules if you come in contact with mercury, but back in the day? Not so much. I am in no way advocating playing with mercury God forbid. Hear lies the point of the blog. Am I so brilliant today that I have solved the mystery behind the rapid increase in E-o A? I think someone should conduct a survery to see if all of us touched one of those little mercury balls when we were young and had true childhood freedom. The survey must be very suspicfit. “Did you attempt to pick up a ball of mercury from a broken thermneter when you were between the ages of 5-7?” If in my moment of clarity and brilliance this morning, I have solved this hateful, miserable, life-destroying disease, please make all checks payable to my husband, and our church. Not exactly the lottery, but a bit of a laugh for those who know who that line is for if he reads this blog. haha

If as you read this light herted blog and think maybe I have to much time on my hands? Sure do. And not evough brain wattage to fill it anymore. But that’s life for now, and I’m thankful for the freedoms I do have. Still free to be me.

Enjoy this day the Lord hath made, y’all!

About Karla Unger

I pray this website will be a blessing on your journey with God. I love blogging and teaching a Home Bible Study in an effort to touch your heart and let you know you are not alone in your life experiences. I depend and rely on God to keep going through the struggles of life which connect all of us to our own humanity. With God ~ possibilities abound!
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5 Responses to Free to be ME?

  1. Ginnygurl says:

    This is awesome. No i never broke a thermometer so i can’t be in your survey. But i loved your post… And i love you so much. I hope you have an amazing day. Praising God for freedom. Growing up was a blast. Kids these days ate all about electronic devices. They are missing out on the most treasured memories.
    💙 LUV YER FACE 💙

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Teddie says:

    You go Girl! Keep on with your blogs. I love them! Had a parent that had your situation and your blogs bring back so many happy times in my life. I love you, just the way you are!!!


  3. Patricia Truitt says:

    Oh, dear Karla! I read this aloud to my husband and how we both laughed and laughed. You have not lost your sense of humor. And, you just may be onto something concerning the mercury. It is the reason I quit eating fish. Ah, those days of good old fashioned fun. We were always outside. Riding bicycles, drawing a circle in the dirt and shooting marbles. Searching for fools gold & rocks of interest. Loading up the statiowagon and heading to the beach. Wonder what bacteria I ingested swollowing sea water? Oh dear, it may not be the mercury! It may be the bacteria filled sea water! Such grand memories! When the street lights came on, we all ran or rode quickly home. Or else my Daddy would yell out a warning. We love you dearly, our Miss Texas. And, God loves you more!


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