Without A Single Doubt

I am a believer and chaser of Jesus Christ. I believe in every single Word of the Bible. I do not have a single doubt in the truth and veracity of HIS Word, and without a single doubt I know HE heals!

Jesus heals instantly as HE did with the man with a skin disease in Matthew 8. He touched the man physically and he was healed just that quickly. In the same chapter, HE healed an Officer’s servant by sending the word. He healed the lepers as they walked away on their journey.

In the Old Testament, King Naaman had to wash (dip) seven times in the nasty Jordan River for his healing. HE also heals in the moment we are absent in the body and present with the Lord. The point is that it remains HIS will, HIS time, HIS way.

I have experienced and witnessed many miraculous healings. Oh, the glory and power of that moment in time. The joy and the absolute pleasure of renewal in a body is an experience that compares to no other. It is pure GOD! The greatest statement of support for the miraculous is when the doctor says, “Only God could have done this!”

Here’s the thang ~ If you are not healed miraculously, it does not mean you have no faith or that you will not be healed. Believe me, according to HIS Word, you will be healed. You may not know it yet, but like the servant, the Word may have already be sent and you’re healing is happening. You may be walking your way to your healing like the lepers. Or you may have some nasty days ahead of you as you obey the Word of the Lord and remain faithful through the process. And finally, you may be healed as you leave this world behind to worship at HIS feet in Heaven.

No matter, without a single doubt, healing is coming. I do not choose how HE does what HE does and neither do you. I simply pray, “Have YOUR will in my life”, and then move on to pray for others. There was a time when I used to use all my energy praying for miracles until I was exhausted. God sent me on a journey that had me battling cancer for a total of six years. That beast wore me out physically, mentally, emotionally, and because in the first months my focus was on being healed, it exhausted me spiritually. I had nothing after the first year. Once I released it all to God and HIS perfect will in my life, I surrendered to HIM, I began to find a place of renewal in my spirit, HIS strength became my strength, and I could physically and emotionally battle that beast to it’s death.

I am only asking God for the strength, HIS strength to get through each days. Some days are massive confusion and lost times, other days are clear and joyful. But every day, HE is right beside me, giving me this day and I humbly and gratefully accept that from HIM. I do not know or really care so much how HE heals me or when. What I need, want, ask from HIM, is this day. I need HIM. I need HIS presence. I need HIS voice. HIS wisdom. HIS Spirit. HIS strength. HIS love.

I need HIM to help me with my faith every day. I want it to grow beyond anything I have ever experienced and HE is doing that for me. HE is growing my faith by remaining present with me. He has taken the nightmare I was having for nights on end. HE has given me a fresh scripture every day. Not a new scripture, but allowing me to see something new in that same scripture. HE has given me a new idea, something I have not had for months. HE is remaining faithful and THAT grows my faith that HE will remain faithful no matter how nasty the river may be that I have to step into in this life. I will follow where HE leads because HIS will is what I desire most.

I know there are many who do not understand my belief on this matter, but I am more than okay with their feelings. It is God I want to please. I will follow wherever HE leads and I have spent enough time in my life following HIM while sometimes, kicking and screaming the whole way. Not this time. Not this journey.

Without a single doubt, I know I am in HIS will, walking one day at a time as HE gives it to me. I am at peace. HE is faithful. ALWAYS!

I love you but Jesus loves you even more.

About Karla Unger

I pray this website will be a blessing on your journey with God. I love blogging and teaching a Home Bible Study in an effort to touch your heart and let you know you are not alone in your life experiences. I depend and rely on God to keep going through the struggles of life which connect all of us to our own humanity. With God ~ possibilities abound!
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3 Responses to Without A Single Doubt

  1. Debbie Baker says:


  2. Rhonda Norris says:

    Your writings leave me standing in awe of GOD. I know HE is with you and I know that you trust HIM. I stand in amazement at your strength and your blind faith. I continue to pray for you to enjoy each day with the MIND of CHRIST forefront. I continue to pray for HIS healing over your life and for strength for you and your family. I love you my treasured sweet friend.


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