Tuesday, February 19, 2019: FOREVER NEW

My Loves, I know all these changes are hard on you

And I need to share some things, just a few,

To help you traverse this path we’re on

Which never ceases from dawn to dawn.

When I can’t find the word I need to speak,

Breathe in slowly and then, let me be free

To search through the fog and continually hope

Even when it’s wrong, you’ll know what I spoke.

When you can’t find the ladle for my soup recipe?

You can smile when you discover it’s in the deep-freeze.

Please don’t frown or be too upset with silly me.

I might have been planning on a big bowl of ice cream.

Trash in the washer, radishes in a drawer, I know,

These are not normal, but there will be much more.

Please smile and make a joke, for it’s what I do

As part of the now normal, although still new.

While I may forget where things truly belong,

And words that I need, or the lyrics to a song,

I will never forget the love for you that I feel,

A love so deep it makes my head and heart reel.

You snatch my breath with your sweet smile,

Always have and always will, all the while,

I’m thinking my heart will not possibly hold

All the love I feel when your arms gently enfold.

The little things surely will slip from my grasp

And continue to drift while your hand I clasp.

But please stay close and don’t ever let me go

As my heart will speak when the words I don’t know.

If I don’t know your name? I’ll still know your heart,

For it’s part of mine and has been from the start.

So love me, hold me and let’s laugh without break

As laughter will cover many mistakes I will make.

When I am filled with fear or looking for one

Who has passed on from here to the great beyond,

While it is confusing for you it will be more so for me

When I cannot process where they might be.

Patience will be a requirement as time goes by,

Moments of clarity, fleeting, without reason or rhyme

Will be my always not the in-betweens and few.

So breathe deeply and remember I fiercely love you.

And please remember and don’t ever forget,

Though my mind is slipping your smile will be met

With a sigh from my heart when the words will not form

And a love that won’t die living in this new norm.

Alzheimer’s may steal my mind from us all,

But God will keep my heart firm with HIS call

As HE knows it only belongs to HIM and to you,

And HE will keep this love I have for you ~ Forever New.

About Karla Unger

I pray this website will be a blessing on your journey with God. I love blogging and teaching a Home Bible Study in an effort to touch your heart and let you know you are not alone in your life experiences. I depend and rely on God to keep going through the struggles of life which connect all of us to our own humanity. With God ~ possibilities abound!
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