“Nesting” is a word that has always been used in connection with pregnancy. Humans and animals alike began preparing their “home” for the imminent arrival of the newest member of their family.  Toward the end of all three of my babies entering this world, I went through this process. I cleaned our home from top to bottom. Spring cleaning on steroids, as I purged every bit of dirt, dust, fuzz, naturally shed hair and skin cells, and odor from curtains, windows, carpet, floors, bedding, furniture, appliances, fixtures, walls, and ceilings. The windows were thrown open to wash the home in fresh air. Then on to preparing the nursery in minute detail until everything in our home shone as though it were brand-spanking new. Then I would usually do it again and again until it was factually time to go to the hospital and give birth.

Why do we do this? Simply because we want it to be special, for all things to be ready to begin making new and precious memories together. Our lives are made up of moments, memories. We would like them all to be filled with wonder and delight and we strive to make it probable, if at all possible.

I am completely finished with those days of preparing for the wonder of a new familial addition, yet I am once again ‘nesting’. I am preparing my home, setting everything in order. It took 40 years for us to purchase the home of our dreams, and I have spent two years planning, buying each piece and staging everything for comfort. But now, I am going through each room and deciding what I want my husband and children to enjoy, knowing that I have added, rearranged, fluffed up, replaced, and taken away, all for their enjoyment. I am creating the home I always dreamed of but realize I most likely don’t have the time I want, to live long in it, but praying they will. The kitchen and dining room are now beautifully comfortable for spending time making all their favorite recipes, filling the home with all the delicious aromas they grew up loving. To this day any one of my children can walk in the house and even in the beginning stages of making a meal, they know exactly what Mama is whipping up in the kitchen. I now know what it is like to cook with top of the line appliances that make cooking fun, as my daughter recently phrased it. Def well-appointed kitchen for them to want to gather around the island or table and make and bake up a mess of something.

The dining room just begs one to sit in the overstuffed chairs and play games after a lovely meal. The walls are lined with distressed wood shelves holding all my treasures, passed down from my Grammy, my Mama, and my Auntie, and those which I have collected through the years. I want my family to fill this home with their laughter and make even more heart-singing memories together.

The living room is country comfy, chaise included, appointed with pillows and the softest throws money can buy. It beckons one to come sit a spell, put your feet up, wrap up on a cool evening and share stories from your day around the fireplace. I think my baby grands might throw down over who gets to sit in my rocker.

I am asking God for a miracle at most and more time at least. I need to finish the backyard. The pool area is designed, the playground chosen. The patio has been put in, patio furniture in place. I have a dream of my babies and baby grands gathering in again and enjoying some outdoor living together. Then I will smile in peace.

It is truly all about setting your house in order. That is how we spend a good deal of our time ~ literally and spiritually. Literally comes in the form of nesting. Spiritually, we must prepare for a big event also. When Hezekiah became ill, God sent Isaiah the prophet to tell him to set his house in order because this illness was unto death and he would be meeting his Creator face to face. II Kings 20:1. He was being granted a place for repentance and to get his affairs in order.

We are not all granted this time. Death comes instantaneously to some with no time to prepare. Hence, it is important to stay prayed up, keep your “home” swept clean of ill will and hard feelings. Close the door to debris that would like to blow in and create chaos. Make your heart, your “home”, spotless and welcoming for HIS arrival, be it imminent or in due time. “Nest” while you have time.

I love you, but Jesus loves you more!

About Karla Unger

I pray this website will be a blessing on your journey with God. I love blogging and teaching a Home Bible Study in an effort to touch your heart and let you know you are not alone in your life experiences. I depend and rely on God to keep going through the struggles of life which connect all of us to our own humanity. With God ~ possibilities abound!
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5 Responses to Nesting…

  1. I love you dearly my friend ❤ Thank you for continuing to share your wisdom, even while you are "nesting". What a treasure to those of us that love you with all of our hearts.


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