PEACE! Be still….

Most of us are familiar with the beloved New Testament story when Jesus stood up in the boat and commanded the storm to be still.  The winds and the waves immediately obeyed HIS voice as HE took command of the situation.  We quote this familiar passage and pray it through the trials in our lives.  “Lord, speak peace to the storm!”  I have even been known to ask my Lord if HE cares if I perish.  We want HIM to take command and reassure us that HE loves us by telling the big, bad storm to cease and desist and we want it to happen yesterday.  We think this proves HIS love and devotion to us.

I have begged God to calm the storm, to make the health issues vanish in a miraculous moment of healing.  I have begged HIM to make it go away and never return.  I have reminded HIM of HIS Word and HIS promise as though HE is feeble and forgetful.  I have begun to sink into the waves of the storm and felt as if I were being dragged out to sea in the undertow, sure that HE didn’t care if I perished.  Oh, yeah, I have been there, done that!!  Played the pity card to the max!  I want my body healed and I want it now.  But what do you do when the perfect idea you held in your mind is not the situation you now face in your life?

You have two choices.  You can blame HIM and let the undertow carry you out of HIS presence, or you can submit.  You can face the trial alone and bitter or you can see the hand of God throughout the trial.  You see, HE doesn’t always calm the storm.  He speaks ‘Peace be still’ but you hear it in your heart, mind and soul, because HE is talking to you, not the storm around you.  HE settles you and calms you.  HE is in fact reminding you of HIS word that ALL things are working together for your good.  The situation you find yourself in may remain.  Be it health issues, a financial crisis or the breakdown of relationships, HE is in control and if you submit to HIS will, it will become a part of the beautiful growth in your life.

When the odds seem stacked against you and every devil in hell is coming after you, stand still.  When your health is in a downward spiral and your friends are all gone, stand still.  When you have lost your job, your home and your family, stand still.  The storm is raging out of control and you are being tossed about in the life-storm; stand still.  HE has not let you slip from HIS loving hands for a moment.  HE is teaching you about trust.  Trust HIM to know what is best always.  Trust HIM to calm your heart, mind and soul and HE will take away the fear of the unknown and the trepidation of waiting on the other proverbial shoe to drop.

Trust in the Lord!  HE will never fail you and never let you down.  He is ever-present and ever-calming if you listen to the still small voice whispering ‘Peace.  Be still.’  Too many times we look for HIM in the flash and the news-making miraculous events and we completely miss the mark.  Oh yes, HE is fully able to do those, but sometimes…..the Lord wants our complete trust.  If you submit to HIS will for your life knowing HE will never do anything that is not for your ultimate good, you will find peace in the midst of your life-storm.

I love you but Jesus loves you more!

About Karla Unger

I pray this website will be a blessing on your journey with God. I love blogging and teaching a Home Bible Study in an effort to touch your heart and let you know you are not alone in your life experiences. I depend and rely on God to keep going through the struggles of life which connect all of us to our own humanity. With God ~ possibilities abound!
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