God, Did YOU Hear?



I have to ask if YOU are even listening to me.

I’ve followed Your commandments and I’m living free.

I have never been in a more peaceful place

Than I am now ~ abiding in YOUR grace.


I read YOUR word almost, well, nearly every week.

And at least that often, YOUR dear face I seek.

I try to be kind and speak well of most folks I know,

But some tick me off like old “so and so”.


I told her what I thought of her in no uncertain terms,

Just not to her face, so I would not see her squirm.

Well, actually I told my friends instead of “so and so”

Because I didn’t want to hurt her feelings, YOU know?


I might have gone too far this time as someone passed it on.

They told her what I said and the light in her eyes is gone.

I have the right to be upset as she wasn’t playing fair.

She told me ‘four lines connected, simply, makes a square.’


I don’t think that’s quite the truth and I drew it out myself.

I used a pencil and erased several times then threw it on the shelf.

But I know that I know that can’t be true, it is just too plain.

So I’ll try again to prove her wrong regardless of her pain.


 If I draw the lines with a bit of a curve, even I can see

That’s no square I’m looking at and that proves it to a T.

She is wrong and I am right, and that’s all there is to that.

So I’ll call a few more friends and see how they react.


I just wanted to ask YOU, Lord, if you heard my prayer?

The one I prayed a week ago I know was not in error.

I asked according to all I know is written in YOUR Word

And I am wondering now, Lord, if YOU even heard?”


“My Dear,” said the Lord in a kind and gentle voice,

“Of course I heard you and straightway gave you a choice.”

“A choice?” I asked dramatically with one brow paused up high.

“I asked for a friend to teach me one thing,” I responded with a sigh.


“Just one simple thing I needed to know and I couldn’t figure it out.

Why would I need a choice?  I don’t understand what this is about!

I needed a handmade box for keepsakes I’ve collected for years.

I told YOU it was important to me and now YOU leave me in tears.”


The Lord spoke again in that kind and gentle way.

“I love you enough to give you a choice every single day.

To serve me with your whole heart and everything within

Or to serve me with just the bit that fits within your plan.


Sometimes, I give you just a glimpse of something you ask for

And I expect you to proceed with knowledge you have in store.

Even though you saw quite well four lines made a square,

You wrested it and now you cry over one unanswered prayer.


I sent instructions through another child of mine

Who loved you dearly and sought to help just one time.

You shoved her away and degraded her wisdom given by me.

And now I will show you what you gave up by refusing to see.”


HE showed me the square, four lines connected just so.

Then added first just one square followed by a few more.

And there, in my mind, the most perfect box for all my treasures to keep.

But in my arrogance I threw it away and all I can do is weep.


Treasure every one God places in your life. They are there to fulfill HIS purpose!

About Karla Unger

I pray this website will be a blessing on your journey with God. I love blogging and teaching a Home Bible Study in an effort to touch your heart and let you know you are not alone in your life experiences. I depend and rely on God to keep going through the struggles of life which connect all of us to our own humanity. With God ~ possibilities abound!
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2 Responses to God, Did YOU Hear?

  1. Oh Mrs. Karla, You just do not know how much I have missed reading the things you write. You give me so much encouragement , but you have always did that! Thank You so much. Love you chick and may God continue to bless you as much as you have blessed the people who have followed you on Facebook and now here.


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