The Game~Changer

I have been thinking a lot about this term.  God is the ultimate Game~Changer. HE conducts a symphonic narrative of our life~story. There are times when I firmly believe HE has just rapped a music stand with HIS baton to quickly gain our attention for a game changing moment in time.  It is in that pause that HE interjects a new factor into our lives that can change everything.  The Game~Changer.

God introduced a new person into my life a few years ago that was a Game~Changer in relationships.  This person, while I truly believed was a gift from the Master’s hand, was a challenge to say the least.  Nothing I knew about bonding with others applied.  I came into the relationship with many lifetime conclusions, which is completely normal for all of us. We have learned how to connect with people.  We have learned how to get to know them. We know the things they like to talk about and how to use those things to draw them out and get to know them better.  I brought all of the pre-conceived notions I had into this relationship and NONE of them applied.  The punk, a.k.a. devil, was dancing in delight at the frustration I was feeling every day.  I could imagine the punk reveling in my heart pain. And then one day, I thought about how very important this relationship was because I knew that God had an orchestral hand on this alliance. I prayed and asked the Lord to allow me to go beyond my self-imposed boundaries, beyond the social norms, and truly discover this person’s heart.

Unique seems like a blasé word to describe this person’s “larger than life” personality, but that is the best descriptor. Had I not taken the time to get to know everything I now know, I would have completely missed what God was doing. HE had sent someone very different in every way from anyone I had ever crossed paths with to make me more compassionate. HE sent someone who in the beginning exasperated me to no end, to teach me patience. HE introduced me to this friend who confused me to help me clearly see HIS hand on every situation. HE sent this unique person into my life so I would understand the miraculous hand of my own Creator.

Some of the limitations I dealt with were unimaginable for me.  This person relied on violence to solve situations when no one was trying to hurt them. They screamed to be heard in a silent room. They could not accept change as a normal part of daily life.  Yet, it was obvious that these were not temper tantrums.  These were not lack-of-respect moments. These were social issues.  There were very few social moments when they were truly comfortable.  My heart ached to help them because I could feel the love that was locked inside.

It took a lot of research, a lot of praying, tons of patience and even more compassion, but now this relationship is one of the most rewarding in my life. Every conversation I am blessed to have with them holds enlightening information.  There is so much GODly joy in them just waiting to be explored. And the love I receive in exchange has caused other affection to pale in comparison. Had I not taken the time and the GODly direction needed, I would have completely missed the gift God gave me when HE introduced this blessing into my safe, little, normal life.  The punk took a throat punch when I took the time God required of me to truly know this person’s heart and mind.  I won when I took the time required for this friendship to flourish.

Don’t miss the blessings.  They come in myriad forms right beside the moments of upheaval. The past few years battling many health issues have been bearable because of God and the people HE has deliberately placed in my life. HE is the Game~Changer.

Have an awesomely blessed week as you open your heart to all God has to offer.

About Karla Unger

I pray this website will be a blessing on your journey with God. I love blogging and teaching a Home Bible Study in an effort to touch your heart and let you know you are not alone in your life experiences. I depend and rely on God to keep going through the struggles of life which connect all of us to our own humanity. With God ~ possibilities abound!
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