MIRACLES ~ How? Why? When? Where?

DETAILS!!  We want to know all the details of how God performed a miracle. Were you on stage? Was there a huge crowd to witness the miracle?  Did you fall out in the Spirit? Did you happen to have your doc’s report in your pocket at the very moment you were healed? Ahhh, how we need to know the details.  Puh~lease let them be flashy enough to impress everyone!! Okay?

Miracles come in myriad forms.  Why is it we don’t seem to see the beautiful handiwork of God unless it fits the pattern we seek?  We desire the flash!! HE certainly can heal in tremendous, instantaneous, throw-down-the-crutches moments in front of thousands. HE can clot bleeding just by speaking the word.  HE can raise someone from the dead by calling their name and commanding them to come forth.  But we don’t like to accept that sometimes it takes another touch.  When Jesus touched the eyes of the blind man? (Mark 8) The first time, he couldn’t tell the difference between trees and men, but he saw something, didn’t he?  There was a spit-and-double-touch process to his healing.  When Jesus touched him again, his vision was 20/20.  Why did Jesus choose to heal him in that manner?  There was a lesson to be taught about the Gospel.  HE used the moment to show how at first the gospel brings a little light, a little knowledge, for first we must feel conviction of sin, before we recognize it for what it is ~ evil.  Notice, Jesus pulled him out of the crowd to a private place.  No pomp and circumstance, just a little spit in his eye.

We have issues when folks are not healed how we want or expect them to be healed. Remember, Naaman?  (II Kings 5) He was most certainly offended and had issues with how his healing would come to pass.  Elisha didn’t even acknowledge his presence with a face to face meeting.  Just sent a message out with a lowly servant.  Elisha had the temerity to send him to that old humble Jordan River rather than the renown Damascus or another famous river which would be more fitting to his station in life.  Naaman was further insulted when he was told that it would take seven times of bathing to gain the miracle he sought. No doubt others would enjoy watching him doing the 7-dip in the Jordan.  He felt it was too humiliating.  How would his pride ever survive?  Naaman was furious, but finally, he saw reason and followed the instructions of God’s prophet. He had to do all that he was told and then he was made whole.  He sacrificed his pride for healing.

Sometimes, you may have to go THROUGH! to get to where God wants you.  Listen carefully to HIS word, take it into your heart and follow HIS instruction.  If you are healed instantly, God bless you!  Share your testimony of the power of our Lord and give HIM some glory! FREQUENTLY!! And if you are walking THROUGH to your healing, share it frequently.  You see, just as God uses those who have been instantly healed in a powerful demonstration, so does HE use those who keep walking through the storm, believing that HE is with them and will bring them to safety in whatever manner HE sees fit.  If you are one who is being healed as you go, much like the ten lepers, (Luke 17) be humble enough to thank HIM, for that progressive healing is still a miracle.  The miracle is that you are now healed. The miracle is that you shall be healed.  The miracle is, Jesus can touch you in whatever way will bring glory to HIS name, so give some up to HIM.

Please don’t judge one another’s faith by what you expect for them.  Let God see their faith and their need, and HE will provide according to what HE wants for them.  HE will act on their behalf in HIS time.  HE will act on their behalf when it will do the most good.

Rejoice with those who have already received their miracle and stand with those who are waiting.  If you are still waiting in faith, hang in there, your miracle is on the way!! Share the good times and the bad times, share your humanity and your struggle.  Maybe, just maybe, someone needs to see they are not alone in the waiting line that forms right here.

We have been so programmed by the instantaneous flash, we doubt the very Christianity of the one who is waiting. God moves in whatever way HE sees fit and HE is never wrong. While you’re questioning, you may be missing the miraculous change going on right before your eyes. While you’re questioning, you may be taking away that precious soul’s ability to share what they are going through.  You may be shutting them off from being able to unload, gain strength, and press on.  Don’t limit God.  HE is God all by HIMSELF.  Let HIM do HIS thang!!

I will stand with you, shoulder to shoulder, while you wait.

About Karla Unger

I pray this website will be a blessing on your journey with God. I love blogging and teaching a Home Bible Study in an effort to touch your heart and let you know you are not alone in your life experiences. I depend and rely on God to keep going through the struggles of life which connect all of us to our own humanity. With God ~ possibilities abound!
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